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Terms of use

This agreement sets out the terms of use under which the NRC IRAP will make its IRAP Innovation Portal (IIP) available to your firm and your authorized employees for the purpose of exchanging information with the NRC IRAP and to ensure the information collected is accurate during the course of the contribution agreement (CA).

Our Commitment

NRC IRAP provides you with assistance to help your firm develop its innovation capability. Because NRC IRAP works closely with your firm and may have access to confidential business information, NRC IRAP takes appropriate steps to safeguard information and ensure confidentiality. Everyone involved in the delivery of NRC IRAP understands the need to respect and protect the confidentiality of your firm’s business, scientific and technical information.

IRAP Innovation Portal (IIP)

The IIP is a communication tool using a secure website that allows NRC IRAP clients to transmit information to NRC IRAP at various stages of the relationship. The IIP is divided into several modules: Proposal, Snapshots, Claims and Post-Project Report. By default, the Signing Authority (SA) has access to all of the modules. The SA may request that other persons be authorized to have access to one or more of the IIP modules. Each module gives access to different and potentially confidential information. The choice of who has access to a specific module must take this into account.
  • Account in the IIP

    To work with NRC IRAP, an account is set up in the IIP. The IIP manages both personal and firm information.
  • Your personal information – My Profile

    The IIP is used to manage a firm’s relationship with NRC IRAP. Personal information such as your name, language of preference, title, phone number, email address, business address and other information are required to support this relationship.
  • Your firm’s information

    The IIP is used to manage a firm’s relationship with NRC IRAP. In the course of this relationship, certain information may be collected about your firm including information related to the contact information, the address, the proposal, financial information, project performance and other information necessary to interact with your Industrial Technology Advisor.

How we use your information

To provide services to your firm, NRC IRAP may use your firm information for the following purposes:
  • To understand your needs, capabilities and objectives in order to provide better assistance and to add value to your firm;
  • To set up, manage and evaluate NRC IRAP’s ongoing relationship with you;
  • To determine your eligibility for NRC IRAP services, including financial assistance;
  • To collect performance information;
  • To meet legislative and policy requirements;
  • For the administration and evaluation of the NRC’s programs and services including the creation of new programs and services; and
  • For data analytics, data mining, or business intelligence research aimed at better understanding the needs of Canadian businesses and related trends.
By accessing and using the IIP, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. You agree that your personal and firm documents and data held by NRC IRAP may be uploaded to the IIP.
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